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Odinson Technologies is a service-disabled veteran-owned, minority-owned, professional IT services company leveraging over 36 years of military and business IT experience. We empower our clients with managed cloud solutions and services, managed IT services, and IT business consulting. 


Odinson Technologies maintains a corporate model with a tip-of-the-spear mission focus and a no-fail operational mindset. Our business knowledge of strategic and operational IT implementation makes us an excellent fit for any small to mid-size business in the IT optimization and enhancement market. Our employees dedicate themselves to the success of our clients due to their adoption of our company's principles based on the Army values LDRSHIP: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. 

What sets eSabers apart from the competition?

  • Our People

  • Result & Performance-Oriented Processes

  • Military Special Operations Proving Methodologies

  • Customer Relations

  • Synergistic Combination of Technology and Operational Strategy

01. Cloud Migration and Implementation

Odinson Technologies brings years of proving cloud integration and implementation methodologies with industry best practices to enhance your organization's operational mobility, interoperability, and reliability. Our proficiency in designing, migrating, and improving cloud-based solutions on-premises, hosted, or hybrid will strengthen your organization's capabilities and operational flow, allowing your staff to focus on the company's bottom line. 

02. Enhanced Security and Compliance

Today's corporate technology capabilities come in many variations, such as servers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. These devices store and transmit data and can be a potential entry point for a security breach. At Odinson Technologies, we ensure that our clients are well aware of all risks, providing examples prominent in the media today. We then design and implement industry-standard cybersecurity controls to mitigate such threats. 


While implementing these controls, we understand that addressing the organization's compliance and regulations requirements is imperative. We are highly specialized in health and dental care providers and law firms. 

03. Making Expert Advice Accessible

While some IT departments have pros in IT infrastructures, they may be empty-handed when it comes to cloud computing management. At eSabers, "competence is our watchword." We provide businesses with direct access to a community of experts in a range of subject matter areas.

04. Enterprise Solutions

Most small businesses attempt to develop a just good enough IT workforce with the ability to keep their networks operational and their computers from crashing. However, at Odinson Technologies, we commit ourselves to provide teams of highly skilled professionals to help small businesses select, implement, manage, customize, and maximize their organization's enterprise solutions. 

05. IT Staff Augmentation

Odinson Technologies recruit some of the industry's best industry-certified and experienced IT professionals. Our staff of seasoned experts has designed a rigorous boarding process for talent acquisition. This process provides our clients with state-of-the-art support and constant technological evolution. 

06. IT Project Executions & Management

IT Projects can be challenging to design, execute and manage. Failure in any of these processes can prove costly. Odinson Technologies offers military-trained and industry-seasoned IT professionals to provide your organization with the expertise required to execute your project with precision and success.

07. Provides a Cost-Effective Alternative

For all small businesses, one of the most enticing benefits of managed IT services and managed cloud service is avoiding the expenditure of an in-house IT staff, which is an expensive endeavor compared to the fees charged for our service contracts.

08. Preventing Expensive Downtime and Breaches

At a rapid pace, security breaches and extensive downtime can become costly. Odinson Technologies helps small businesses avoid these financial risks by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to mitigate threats before starting, performing scheduled updates to the network and its systems, risk assessments, and fast incident response.


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Since our conception, we have offered elite professional IT services and IT business consulting.


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