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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services


Let us manage, optimize and enhance your cloud efficiency.


Due to the increase in cloud adoption for small businesses, the knowledge gap, and the inability to manage all their cloud-related tasks in-house, there has become an increasing need for managed cloud service providers (MCSPs).


Cloud technology's increasing capabilities and power make business owners eager to migrate their environment into a hybrid or complete cloud environment. However, the complexity of provisioning an adequately designed and secured environment leaves many businesses standing at the shore, watching their competitors embrace cloud technology and excel further away. 


At Odinson Technologies, we eliminate those fears by providing your company with elite cloud professionals combined with IT business consultants to provide your business with the cloud environment it needs to thrive while optimizing cost. As your MCSP, Odinson Technologies will become a trusted partner in your company's efforts to succeed.


Our MCSP offerings include the following:

  • Cloud architecture guidance and design

  • Cloud architecture management

  • Network management

  • Best practice recommendations

  • System administration and operational management

  • Continuous system monitoring, alerting, response, and reporting

  • Continuous performance testing and tuning

  • Proactive communication and 24x7 support

  • A single point of contact for all things IT support

  • Cybersecurity and compliance management

  • Backup and disaster recovery

  • Microsoft application management (M365, Windows, Azure, Exchange, etc.)

  • VMware vCloud virtualization management

  • Google Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services


MCSPs deliver comprehensive cloud management support by assuming complete responsibility for your cloud operations and environment. 

Why Managed Cloud Services?

Effective IT environmental management is the key to success for any organization leveraging IT, especially cloud computing. Cloud computing is an incredibly valuable technology that can significantly enhance a small business's bottom line or cost the company if not correctly designed, operated, and secured. 


As your MCSP, Odinson Technologies will assist you in building and managing robust, efficient, optimized, and secure cloud solutions that will significantly simplify your business processes and operational workflows. As well as lowering operating costs. We offer customized solutions that provide scalability and seamless deployment capabilities through an integrated approach:

  • Fast cloud deployments configured and tailored to your business requirements

  • Enhanced compliance and security features

  • Scalability and agility with pay-as-you-go models

  • High productivity through effective and efficient resource utilization

  • Providing continuous guidance from planning strategies to executing them

  • Business continuity with ease in dealing with heavy workloads

End-to-End Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Deployment.png

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Migration.png

Cloud Migration

Cloud Infrastructure.png

Cloud Infrastructure Setup

Cloud Security.png

Cloud Security

Cloud Networking.png

Cloud Networking

Business Continutiy.png

Business Continuity

Cloud Monitoring.png

Cloud Monitoring, Response, & Reporting

Cloud Storage.png

Cloud Storage


Backup and Disaster Recovery

As your MCSP, we will assist your company in building and managing elaborate cloud solutions that will optimize your processes, simplify workloads, and cut operational costs drastically. Odinson Technologies will give your company the piece of mind to focus on core business tasks and leave the IT systems to us. 

How can Odinson Technologies help your business?

As your MCSP, Odinson Technologies delivers customized cloud solutions that offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities through a proving and integrated approach:

  • Fast and secure cloud deployments tailored to your business requirements

  • Enhanced security and compliance

  • Zero-Day Security Patching

  • Cloud scalability and agility

  • Configuration management

  • High productivity and performance through effective resource utilization

  • Continuous expert guidance

  • Robust business continuity

Benefits of Odinson Technologies Managed Cloud Services

Our managed cloud services are significantly less expensive than an in-house cloud team. Odinson Technologies managed cloud services provide a wide range of business benefits, such as: 

  • A robust cloud infrastructure with round-the-clock management and expert support. We will monitor, scan, report, update patches, and integrate and align your IT operations with your business core objectives. 

  • A centralized location for your business's services and applications.

  • Data safety and recovery

  • Integrated services

  • Service level agreement 

Small Business Cloud Services Pack

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