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Small Business
Cloud Starter Pack

Converting your small business to the cloud has become much simpler with our new Small Business Cloud Starter Pack. 

Are you looking to migrate your small business to the cloud? Are you a new business that requires authentication, servers, storage, email, and security but does not have the budget? 

Our Small Business Cloud Starter Pack is for you!

Our Small Business Cloud Starter Pack includes the following:

  • Azure AD / Server Light (Authentication)

  • Cloud Storage 1TB

  • Up to 10 M365 Exchange Mailboxes (w/ Encryption and Spam Filtering)

  • Up to 10 M365 Office Suites (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and more...)

  • Virus Scanning

  • Remote Monitoring

  • 24/7 IT Service Desk Support

Optional Services:

  • VoIP Phone Services

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • IT Procurement

Contact us for a cloud assessment if your business requires a more robust cloud environment. Our cloud experts will perform a cloud assessment of your environment and provide you with a seamless migration plan. 

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