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Cyber Security


Security is critical to your organization's business operations. Cyber threats are an ever-present fact in today's business world. Odinson Technologies' cybersecurity solutions solve your business's unique security challenges offering you the peace of mind that your company's network and data are safe and secure. We are here to help you fit the right cybersecurity processes and policies to protect your business.


Our Offerings


IT Compliance and Management


We will ensure that your company complies with ISO, PCI, GDPR, HIPPA, and other commonly required compliance frameworks. 


Threat Intelligence and Anticipation


We continually monitor cybersecurity platforms to stay up-to-date with global threats daily to determine which could be relevant to your business. Moreover, we take threat protection to the next level with Endpoint Detection and Response, which uses AI to stay one step ahead of the next cyberattack. With our End Point Detection and Response tool, we provide the following:

  • Real-time, automatic protection against evolving threats at each endpoint.

  • Harness AI engines to provide static and behavioral analysis on new threat patterns.

  • Use machine learning to enhance threat responses.

  • Onboard, operate, and manage endpoint protection from a single dashboard.


Log Management


Our cyber team continually monitors and assesses your data logs to identify false positives from real-time events for rapid remediation. 


24/7 Security Monitoring


We monitor your entire environment using industry-standard security monitoring tools, providing complete visibility of your entire IT network. 


Cloud Security


Odinson Technologies provides complete security monitoring, detection, and response to all your business's Cloud Workloads. 




  • Complete security operations

  • Accelerated threat detection & response

  • Advanced security technology and skills

  • Cost reduction for managing cybersecurity staff

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